#ketodiettips : 5 ketodiet Facts You Need to Know to Stay Healthy


#ketodiet tips : 5 ketodiet Facts You Need to Know to Stay Healthy

Nowadays, people have become increasingly aware of their need to lead a healthier lifestyle. This often means consciously making better choices throughout the day.

When it comes to nutrition, much has been said on the subject, from mere hearsay to evidence-based research.

1. Edible Seeds are Nutritious
Eating just one tablespoon of chia seeds will give you 19 percent of your recommended daily fiber intake in addition to calcium, magnesium, iron, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Flaxseedsare rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2 and B6, and other nutrients that help boost your energy and benefit your nervous system, immune system and blood. Pumpkin seeds, usually roasted before eating, are a great source of zinc, copper and selenium.

Eating two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds will give you about 25% of magnesium, a mineral that plays a key role in about 300 metabolic reactions in the body.

2. Proteins are Building Blocks
Proteins are an important part of every cell in the human body and play a vital role in the formation and repair of cells.

For this reason, you need to ensure that 10 to 35 percent of your daily calorie needs are met by protein. For example, the average 60-kilogram Indian male needs 60 grams of protein (25 percent) and the average 55-kilogram female needs 55 grams. Eggs, lean meat, beans, dairy, nuts and lentils are good protein sources.


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